Things To Do


Entertaining battle between the two teams with a number of colorful paintballs to reach the goal, war-like battlefields to create a unique experience


Experience Drifting over the sand dunes with  4*4 Rangler  by a professional team and with all safety matters


Experience Buggy Riding over the sand dunes with by a professional team and with all safety matters

Horseback and Camel Riding, and Flacons

Arab History is known by it’s iconic animals which in Nox Camp can be experienced; Horseback, Camel Riding and Falcons experience.


An exciting experience of its kind to increase integration among team members and add a sense of adventure. It is a mountain hiking sport in which a group of people goes walking and climbing according to a medium to a difficult path with the presence of a paramedic team


An area equipped with spears, bows and shooting targets to enjoy the shooting experience

Paintball Shooting

It is a shooting sport in which the player shoots a disc divided into five rings of different colors. Points range from 1-10 according to the color of the ring.

Extra Services